Buffalo Toolkit

The Buffalo Toolkit watches services, such as GitHub, and looks for repositories with a tag of gobuffalo. All projects found will be indexed here. Inspired by the excellent ruby toolbox.

How do I get my package, tool, etc... listed?

To get listed here you must tag your project on your hosting provider with gobuffalo.
See details for the currently implemented discovery tools.

Category Tags

There are a few more tags that you can use that will help the Buffalo Toolkit better categorize yourproject. You can add as many of this tags to your project as is suitable. Please try to refrain from using more than just a few tags.

plugin generator middleware pop templating deployment testing example worker webpack

Any other tags will still be indexed and searchable, but the tool may not show in the "known" categories section.

Currently Implemented Discovery Tools


On GitHub you can use the "Topics" feature of your repository to tag your projects with gobuffalo and other category tags.


Source for this project can be found at the toolkit repository in github.