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Buffalo i18n Middleware

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i18n middleware

This Buffalo middleware enables i18n features in your app:

  • User language detection from configurable sources
  • Translation helper using locales bundles from
  • Localized views


This middleware is setup by default on a new Buffalo app:


var app *buffalo.App

// T is used to provide translations
var T *i18n.Translator

// App is where all routes and middleware for buffalo
// should be defined. This is the nerve center of your
// application.
func App() *buffalo.App {
    if app == nil {
        // [...]

        // Setup and use translations:
	var err error
	if T, err = i18n.New(packr.NewBox("../locales"), "en"); err != nil {
    return app

Use i18n.New to create a new instance of the translation module, then add the middleware (T.Middleware()) to the app to enable its features.

See for further info about Buffalo translation features and configuration.

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