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An adapter to use Pongo2 with Buffalo

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An adapter to use Pongo2 with Buffalo.


Configure the adapter to replace Plush for html files, in the render.go file:

package actions

import (

var r *render.Engine
var assetsBox = packr.NewBox("../public/assets")

func init() {
	r = render.New(render.Options{
		TemplateEngines: map[string]render.TemplateEngine{
			"html": pongo2.BuffaloRenderer,

		// HTML layout to be used for all HTML requests:
		HTMLLayout: "application.html",

		// Box containing all of the templates:
		TemplatesBox: packr.NewBox("../templates"),
		AssetsBox:    assetsBox,

		// Add template helpers here:
		Helpers: render.Helpers{},
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